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The aim of this institution is to impart its pupils sound moral, intellectual and physical education to train them to be useful and loyal citizens of India and help them to become agents of needed social changes in the country based on the motto  of the school that is love, service and disciple which is the foundation of school life.

Education is meant for an all round development of the students and the institution constantly endeavours to direct to this end all curricular studies and co-curricular activities with special emphasis on discipline, formation of character and self reliance.

We believe that the future of the world lies with its children. It is primarily for this reason that we endeavour to infuse universal values in them through various competitions.

Apart from the constant quest for academic excellence, the school also encourages its students to participate in different local as well as national competitions with a view to broadening their horizons and equipping them with a global vision. We believe that a school must act like a light house to society, providing direction and guidance.


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